Boaz Meiri - Architectural and Real-Estate Photographer, San Francisco Bay Area | About

I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession and I have worked as a Customer Support Manager for many years, until, in early 2013, I decided to make a career change . I started with working for a photography school in Israel, alongside with world-class professional photographers, and practicing products and still-life photography.


In early 2014 I moved back to San Francisco Bay area and during house searching with my wife we found it quite frustrating to see that many of the homes have either very poor quality photos or even not at all. So I thought that maybe there is a market for another Real-Estate photographer..

I have many years of experience with photography as a hobby and I carry my camera with me on every trip, either on land or underwater.
These days I focus mostly on high-end real-estate properties, architectural and interior-design projects, as well as 3D virtual tours.

Please visit my Commercial Photography website to see some more of my work